Sunday, March 14, 2010

XXXVIII event confirmed Apple, Magic Mouse, iPhone and more

In the photo we have a sight of the Good Grass Center of San Francisco (California, USA), where on January 27, 2010 the event of called Apple will be celebrated “He eats see our latest creation”, during which one hopes that Tablet de Apple should present before herself. Many blogs have risked to say that also there will present before himself the iPhone of the fourth generation and the bundle Life 2010... But we will see already... The only rumor that is sure is that of the tablet, or they would not invite us to see his last creation... Certainly, if it it is not, it will be an entire disappointment, although not so much if they announce an iPhone of the fourth generation who should have a battery for 5 days to full use and a heap of things more, but they would have left in the stockade all those who long for an "iTablet" for 3 years or more.
We take it to ourselves calmly, although there is the one who aims that perhaps, if the price is reasonable, should be thrown for instead of by a Macbook Pro, although I recommend to wait to see what is capable of doing this Tablet and you see if his operating system and operation capacity is similar to that of a traditional Mac, with added of the compact format.
For imagining, we can imagine even that serves as tactile screen when you it plug in an iMac, if this is possible... the one who knows.
In this episode we speak to you about these things, venture on Magic Mouse, the possible and future iPhone and the "defeat" of his competitors, at least for the time being.
Script of the Chapter XXXVIII:
00:00 Introduction, operators and resolution of complaints pepephone.
07:25 “He Eats see our latest creation” Next Event Apple of presentation of products on January 27 at 10:00, local time of San Francisco. 19:00 h in Spain. "Come to see our last creation".
11:17 Apple has lost $ 450 million dollars thanks to the Jailbreak.
20:05 The problem of battery of Magic Mouse might be in the software. Although in my opinion, also it would be in the soft of third and in the way of using it (bad habits).
27:29 Audio Elizabeth's Mail, which an iMac 27 has bought to himself i7 and has come to him perfectly. It does not have problems either of dead pixels or of blows or valuable defects.
33:54 More rumors about the iPhone 4G. Will it sell finally free? That do not cheat you, the big operators are not the most rapid, not much less the cheapest. The new iPhone with a rear part sensitive to the tact? For speaking about rumors we can imagine and dream... Although it might already be loaded inal√°mbricamente and of step be synchronized... without need for this accessory, but: what advantage does this have opposite to putting it in the dock?:

44:36 Nexus One does not start everything well that was waited.
An iPhone Killer with water gun and without mechanism so that the steady flow wets nobody. Different orations, changes and conclusions.
56:10 Farewell and Closing.

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