Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We give leuros

We feel generous and we are going to give "leuros" our listeners and more faithful followers and who clicked in the banners and voted during this year to the diverse Applenosol chapters, since it has touched us the lottery and of the account balance of the web, a few thousands of leuros remain us.
The form in which we are going to distribute the profit that we have, which he makes us live of this, wasting, will be as it continues:
For those that they voted for some article in binnacles to do that it was out-standing: 10 leuros for vote.
For that they voted for all the articles: 2.000 leuros
Those that they made ONLY ONE click in the publicity one day, 5 leuros.
Those that they clicked in the publicity every day: 1.000 leuros.
To which they bought something to the Apple shop across the web, the leuros corresponding to his buy so that it works out for them free.
For that they voted for all the articles, they clicked every day, and bought something in the Apple shop: In addition to the previous thing, 3.000 leuros extra.
To which they did not do anything of this, already you know, to help to the web can bring you leuros next year.
Happy Year 2010. Let's hope that we should enjoy it with humor, should go out of the crisis and could make all our sleep real.
Obviously it was a question of a practical joke, between other things because the "leuros" do not exist.
But the message has also his ironic side and the one who knows, the same one day touches us the lottery and we feel generous, therefore, just in case it never comes badly and the "posyaque" is slightly very typical:
Posyaque visited the web, voted.
Posyaque visited the web, I do some click in the publicity.
Posyaque visited the web, left a comment.
"Give and one will give to you" and "The good that you do will be rewarded to you" there are very true affirmations, and after all, on December 28, in Spain, it is the day in which a homage is done to all the innocent persons who have fallen down in an injustice.
Be Just persons, be generous, he thinks differently, the whole year, not only in these dates.

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