Monday, March 15, 2010

XXXVI Nexus One and others.

After a few holidays of Podcast of the Christmas period we return to the load with the same ones being this the first one of 2010.
There is not much that to tell, because how it always happens, the New Year brought surf and relaxation up to past the Kings' festivity, but skylight, others worked from Saint Claus and they have had ready to go out with the Phone of Google called Nexus One made by HTC.
Sincerely, we were waiting for much more than one device signed by Google, and, particularly, it has looked like to us an imitation, with a hardware of 2 years ago, except on the screen and the processor, which has shocked us somewhat.
Nevertheless, the success of Google does that this throwing was promising to be even in the news about television, as earlier there it were Palm Pre and very much earlier the iPhone.
Now it will be necessary to hope that the market should decide: Will win the one who went out first and it takes advantage or the one who goes out last and has all the way for covering?
The Bloggers that criticize so much the enclosed iPhone without having it, put this Nexus One for the clouds, he reminds me to an old man HTC, but with only one button, and with Android. Perhaps this is enough to him to be an iPhone Killer, but to me, it does not seem attractive to me not although they were giving it to me. To subordinate my programs to a card SD, not to have multitouch, not tethering are things that seem incomprehensible to me and that make me think that more than a definitive device, it is a phone "to inspect the market" and if it works, to extract something much better... The time will say it.
00:00 Introduction and Presentation.
01:40 What we do not like. We like many things, but...

Here you can see the record of the speed test realized with the iPhone 3GS. It is done by the Application SpeedTest for the iPhone of the signature of Xtreme Labs.
If you have one 3GS with Movistar and do the speed test of the WiFi and of 3G, you can order me the result of the same one to my e-mail this way to compare the Movistar network with that of Pepephone.
It be fixed the reader that the measurements are done in the same location GPS, in different dates, and comparing the WiFi with 3G. In black the speed comes up, in red the maximum peak reached during the test. Notice also like the speed of 3G it is almost that of the WiFi. Or I have something badly in my WiFi, or 3G it is very powerful, therefore the network N of the iPhone would be more than necessary, since the current connection is a type G.
I have also that to add, that the connection 3G where I have realized the test, it fluctuates very much, so that not always it is supported to ceiling, but it changes from ceiling to average and sometimes it even loses the network 3G. This is due to the fact that in this area vodafone minor coverage has that movistar, this because a friend who lives to an apple, does not have in his house coverage vodafone, nevertheless with movistar is to ceiling.
18:36 Tablet de Apple: The rumors of the tablet are so many people that it is sure to 99 % that is going to go out, it will be necessary to hope that it should go out to see as it will be definitely in characteristics and prices
25:11 Google Nexus One. The innovation most waited in the network and in the mobile telephony. Is this an iPhone Killer? hummmm... We do not like too much, not for Hard, not therefore it goes inside, not... not, we do not like... and it neither is multitactile nor has Thetering!
To the left we can see one comparative of such top products like the iPhone, Palm Pre, Motorola Droid and Nexus One, where they are already not only seen in detail, in USA, the capacities of the basic models, with the hard and soft, but with the price as plans and entire cost as soon as the permanence was finished.
We do not see the real capacities of safe "killer" to him for the option of that those who hate the iPhone want to buy it, like one of the options that an iPhone is not to have.
55:36 Peripheral for Mobile devices: They are leaving increasingly for the iPhone and scarcely we see them for other devices. Keyboards for the iPhone, scales that use the iPhone to be formed, etc...
1:00:45 AM After going out, Nexus One with problems in 3G. T-Mobile has already apologized and patience until they could solve the problems of network... The curse of the iPhone, criticized by this one the same fact, reaches to the phone of Google. Although the fault is not of the devices, but of the operators that they want to save in his networks the possible maximum thing and not preveen the capacity of the same ones as regards his clients, having more clients than they can support.
1:02:55 AM Google Chrome for prompt Mac will have the support of the extensions activated, since the current development version already has it.
1:05:44 AM Google Wave. It was a success of sense of expectancy on having gone out, they all wanted to have it: and now when?
1:06:51 AM Google receives denunciations and according to the Law of Sustainable Economy, taken exactly, it might be closed by administrative process.
1:09:44 AM shallow Inventory of what has been the CES of Las Vegas.
1:14:06 AM Ask your son what mobile he wants to have, or why Apple will end up by selling the Free iPhone...
1:19:55 AM Pranks, farewell and closing.
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Speed test that David orders us with an iPhone 3GS in Movistar in area to coverage ceiling.
IMG_0013. PNG
And now, with the same program, with PepePhone:

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