Saturday, March 20, 2010

XXIX mistakes in new iMac, Black Friday, Guarantee, iPhone and PepePhone.

In November coming to his end, next my birthday and for me, this is the date of game of the Campaign of Christmas, in USA, officially 27N, for me, two days later.
The whole world prepares himself and plans the holidays in advance, this year, with the crisis, it is necessary to buy from earlier for distributing the expenses and without accumulating for the last moment. It smells already to Christmas.
Meanwhile, we hope that Apple should solve the problems with the new iMacs as soon as possible, because if there are the people who returns the iMac for a dead pixel, and a bad functioning of the remote, we imagine that if it comes with blows, damaged or simply, it does not light, it is that something is failing in Apple. The quality to which it has used his clients, already is not so much, or it it neither seems to be, between other things, because his clients, on having paid out dinerito in anything that is supposed, it is of supreme quality, they demand this quality and are not going to excuse nor comes up. But the fact is that you prop, these clients are the noisiest, since, on having been less, they have to make notice. And no, it is not a destructive criticism, it is simply a warning to Apple precisely because it cannot fail in any of his points on which it bases his prestige, so, they take care meticulósamente of his final quality controls of his products. It is not possible to tolerate to presume of anything that then is not fulfilled: ok?
Come, and now already the script of the podcast:
00:00 Introduction and Presentation.
01:20 Switchers. More convinced, impossible. Many applications for the iPhone. Little Mac, but well.
05:10 serious Mistakes in the mailing of new iMac.
08:34 renowned Macbok Pro of the best products of innovation of 2009 for Popular Science.
11:22 27-N it is Black Friday of Apple.
13:39 Exhausted the iMac stock i5 é i7...
18:05 Guarantee Apple. In what place of the guarantee does he say that she should remain annulled by the effect of the tobacco?
Applications iPhone.
25:05 For a three-quarter bed XL Megapixel Doubler. It doubles the resolution of your photos. 0,79 € the payment version and there is free other one.
27:13 The wheel returns with iClassic.
28:41 he Stops smoking using the iPhone.
30:26 Irpm 1.1. It lights your computer with your iPhone from any part of the world.
31:40 iPhone it controls an electrical wheelchair.
33:43 Trick: Like putting the part iPod of your iPhone in rest.
34:49 Night Recorder, 2,39 €. Tape recorder over X DB that for when there is no sound, ideal to record disorders of the sleep.
39:17 Visual Dock for the iPhone.
40:40 200w AM / FM for iPhone Docking Station.
Other devices
42:12 Palm throws the towel. The Pre leaves aside the war with Apple and happens of synchronizing with iTunes. Does it happen or has not been capable of jumping the protection?
43:54 Nokia begins distributing the N900.
47:08 It Tries the scales WiFi Withings. Here already, without buying it, we see snags to him.
54:14 In general, we like. Many things in favor, only one in against.
Farewell and Closing.
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