Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The iChat.

From Applenosol we wish all one Happy Christmas 2009 and a Prosperous year 2010.
This week there is not podcast due to the tight agenda of these dates, which does that the available time is slightly minor. But in reward, here I leave a Video Podcast to you. If, perhaps it does not go out the awaited day, but as for the Videocast the one that has to be organized it is me who is with me, I have recorded and edited it at times (the available ones).
I hope that it should be of your taste and especially usefully, especially for those that they have never used iChat or for the one who does not know it in depth. And so, I leave you with the Chapter XXXIII, after the jump...
00:00 Introduction.
00:47 Presentation.
01:52 iChat it does not need that you pay Mobile me.
06:47 iChat Preferences. I revise to all the preferences of iChat and account configuration.
18:30 Options of Menu in iChat.
27:23 iChat Ways: Text, Audio, Video Confers and to Share Screen.
32:02 Farewell and Closing.
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