Wednesday, March 10, 2010

XLVIII Apple UP Twiiter UP Google BUZZ Down

If, that is a complicated title, but there did not occur to me other, the truth and is that this week is what we have seen...
Apple continues to his with his book of routes, inalterable in fact, has his pronounced targets, keeps on speaking about them and benefits that to them, although one speaks badly, although one speaks well, although they are criticized, it is a free publicity. Against what many people believe, to speak badly about something, it does that the people look at something and visit the place to know what is what wakes up so many people you envy, especially when there are not said the motives for which one speaks badly. To think the opposite, would demonstrate immaturity.
On the other hand the use of Twitter increases and in this the giant Google is guilty. And why, so before the mistake of his most recent creation: Google Buzz.
In the podcast we analyze the advantages and disadvantages and also we comment on the wave of demands that him approaches to Google for doing the things badly.
Of course, we do not forget the news and habitual comments about Apple, other events, programs and topics of interest either. And without much ado, I leave you with...
00:00 Introduction.
02:25 Mobile World Congress 2010: Steve Jobs, Facebook, hundreds of mobiles and up to Fernando Alonso.
06:39 Google defends his work with Apple in Barcelona.
12:17 Aperture 3 comes with problems of memory. Apple throws a patch.
15:17 Apple will repair free the defective hard disks of his MacBook.
16:48 The American press and magazines express his dissatisfaction with Apple.
21:05 New shop Celebrity iLounge of Apple, this time in the sea. On board of the Cruise Celebrity Eclipse.
24:22 The iPad will be able to save himself from February 25.
30:18 Apple approves a new adapter for the dock of the iPhone and iPod.
32:27 Apple allows the entry of lotteries and drawings in App Store. This if, eroticism not, moral double goes.
36:48 Possible throwing of Snow Leopard 10.6.3.
38:10 The last update for iPod touch, now it is free.
40:04 On March 14: Will Apple present the Firmware 4.0?
42:34 Apple duplicates the maximum discharge size for 3G, now they are 20Mb.
45:27 BackOff, how to deactivate the safety copies of the iPhone / iPod touch in the synchronization. You can unload it HERE, it is free and there is version PC and Mac.
48:15 MobileMe is updated and allows the access from the iPhone and iPod.
55:50 PaintingWalls, a curious application. 0,79 € HERE.
57:43 Turnkey FlipSYNC – Loads and synchronizes your iPhone at any place. You can buy it HERE for 19,99$.
1:00:51 AM ContactFlow. To show our contacts as the CoverFlow of the iPhone and iPod Touch. 1,59 € in App Store AQUƍ.
1:02:08 AM TV in your iPhone/iPod Touch. It enters Safari, your iPhone and writes
1:05:24 AM Video: Vodafone 150: the cheapest mobile of the world?

1:08:33 AM Yoigo announces progress in his Internet plans. Good news, insurance that it is not late in cotraofertar.
1:12:21 AM Google Buzz Vs Twitter.
1:19:44 AM It Demands Google Buzz.
1:31:43 AM Windows 7 RC has begun warning that it expires...
1:35:51 AM I Warn for the Followers. I change in the daytime.
1:40:06 AM Farewell and Closing.
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