Saturday, March 13, 2010

XLII poker for Internet

After so many iPad and to rest a little and to restore forces before the next podcast full of innovations, we do a video podcast more relaxed, and although it is not much of technology, and rather it is playful, if that has relation, since you are going to be able to play with your Mac, with your PC or with your iPhone or iPod Touch. If, when you have your iPad, also.
For the title you already know that I am referring to the game of the Poker. The most widespread form is that of the Poker Texas Hold'em in general, and the big tournaments are celebrated by bets without limit, that is to say, you can compete all the cards in only one hand. In games with extreme, you can only come to the pre-established thing. The mechanics of the game is simple, but it is not also easy to catch the first one, but with two or three hands that you see playing or a pair of summaries of tournaments, you do with the mechanics of the player, which not that of the Croupier... It has played and hands and slightly more difficult norms, which you must bear in mind, to know if you have gained a hand or the norm that is applied to divide the hand by tie... but you can read all this on the pages that we recommend in the script...
The truth is that it is a game that it hooks and thrills, combining many factors that will do that a player is bad or good, independently of his character (cold, talkative, quiet, calculating, passionate, gesticulantes...), the important thing is not to have incriminating tics... Nobody agrees of the characteristics that a Poker champion must have. Apart from being lucky, they will say to you that it is necessary to be intelligent, patient, calm, aggressive, boastful... But also there is very much superstitious one. Everyone has his style, the time and the experience they make you decide how to play, to me for example, I like confusing very much, changing style, and this way my opponents do not know if I take or do not take game, and what never never it is ever necessary to do is to rush, better to feel the way that to do an "All In" to the change first ones, an Experts couple, not always gives you the victory.
00:00 Introduction.
00:50 Pokerstars.
03:36 You Cover with stars in Game of Antenna 3
4:03 Pokerstars of The Sixth one.
6:05 It Plays the Poker for Internet. Application Facebook de Zynga, interesting because also it has program for the iPhone.
7:33 official Program of It is sure, it is updated often and connects with your user registered to play in fictitious plan or with real money.
9:41 Closing.
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