Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chapter XXVII. Evolution of a Switcher. Analysis Tomtom Car Kit and much more.

Small on Tuesday we have had, between the small dancer of Apple Store, and the caught one of the Google Street and the preparation of the Podcast, have not stopped.
We continue with the evolution of a Switcher that it is still not, but it is having the privilege of seeing before buying, making use of the famous slogan: "I looked, compared, and if it finds something better: Buy it!". The time will make us see what happens in the end. But a thing if that seems clear, it is going to be difficult that he wants another phone that is not an iPhone...
We bring also juicy news about the Environment of Apple, which is of celebration this week, not only Steve Jobs has been named by Fortune CEO of the decade, but his mobile phone, it has been named also like product of the decade, by what he has supposed of revolution in the world of the mobile telephony opposite to the big public.
Also we are going to analyze the Tomtom Car Kit in what it has been the first capture of contact, if we discover more things with the use, we already will tell it to you, in general 8 put him of note, since it might be improved and/or there are things that we wanted that it could be done, as it is that it takes the energy of the iPhone to work, when it is not connected to the power supply (lighter of the car or adapter).
Since it could not be less, to the being the iPhone a majority product and extensively coveted, the first "worm" has appeared and hack for the same one, from which we can protect ourselves very easily, but this naughty character becomes true to get where they do not call you a few times with intentions of sarcasm or laugh and others more maliciously and with very bad grape.
We will not leave aside the applications section and although we are not friends of the rumorología, we include a pair of rumors, for seeing that it happens...
It already does not do so much heat and begins refreshing in the night, but here, in the south, in the daytime, we continue in the breach to the full sun enjoying his calorcito for almost the whole year for proper enjoyment and you envy foreign, let's hope that you recover, not to make the saying true of "he thinks badly and you will be right", in Applenosol.com
And now, after the jump, we leave the script to you:
00:00 Introduction and Presentation
01:10 Google Street View for many Spanish cities. Like using it in the iPhone.
05:05 The Switching of Dawn. It tells us his progresses with the iPhone, already overcome and managing well, and his first OS/X impressions: Office, Bar of Menu, Dock, Finder, Spotlight, etc.
World Apple.
15:24 Steve Jobs nominated CEO of the Decade by the magazine Fortune.
20:48 Update of Snow Leopard to 10.6.2. For the first time, from Snow Leopard, Garage Band has not had a mental block in the edition.
26:26 Apple might offer television across iTunes.
28:57 Apple announces a job. It is of "iPhone YOU Security Platform Manager", for what one sees that Apple wants to finish with the Jailbreak.
31:57 Apple Stores with reservation option for Christmases.
33:02 Apple renews his shops.
35:37 Firefox 64Bits, the First Alpha.
37:36 Twitter is already in Spanish.
38:39 Analysis of Tomtom Car Kit.
52:06 The renowned iPhone product of the decade.
54:06 The small letter of Orange UK with the iPhone.
57:08 Problems of synchronization of the iPhone with Windows 7 solved ones.
58:45 Hack and (good) Worm in the iPhone with JailBreak. One of the forms of solving it is to continue the instructions given HERE.
Applications iPhone.
1:02:02 AM Cry Translator. He translates the crying of the Baby for the parents and gives an advice on how acting in every moment (raw parents). To buy HERE.
1:05:05 AM Navigon updates his navigator 1.3.0.
1:06:17 AM PhotoChop 1.0. It creates entertaining photos assemblies with your iPhone.
1:07:26 AM Application Google Wave for iPhone: Waveboard. Also there is a version for YOU X.
1:09:50 AM Possible iPhone 3GS 8Gb.
1:11:43 AM Rumors on the iPhone 4G. With technology RFID? If it was like that the user would control his on-line phone but it is a double-edged weapon: And if Apple, which he likes controlling so much the iPhone, controls your iPhone and "it spies on you"?
1:16:03 AM Farewell and Closing.
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