Tuesday, March 9, 2010

XLIX Star Walk

This chapter is a video podcast of an Astronomy program for the iPhone: Star Walk of the house Vito Techonology Inc.
The application is of the type "developing reality", interactive. Namely you geolocaliza and posiciona as you face your iPhone. But not only that, but if you want, it can locate you in that part of the world that you choose; and not only that but if you want, you can see the position in the date that you choose. Also, it is an application that has been recognized and oficializada for the organization of astronomy in 2009 (IYA2009).
It is not a question of a super-advanced application, but if it helps us, the fans of the Astronomy to see the sky in our iPhone and have the information to hand, at least the fundamental ones. What if I can say to you, is that the application costs very much for those that want to approach this world and know it, in an easy, direct and intuitive way for a reasonable price.
The principal caracterísiticas of Star Walk are:
- Photos realized by astronomers and fans (APOD).
- Visualization in way 3D of the globe.
- Digital compass for 3GS.
- Machine of the time.
- Lunar phases.
- Wikipedia.
- Guide.
His price is 2,39 € and you can buy it HERE.
Simply to add the comment that my father made when I taught it to him... "I hope it had had it when of young I felt like getting fond of the Astronomy, learning had turned out to be easier to me..."
00:00 Introduction and Presentation.
00:24 Introducing Star Walk
01:07 Opinion about @sietedenueve
01:47 Using Star Walk
08:18 Farewell and Closing.
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