Wednesday, March 10, 2010

XLVII all against Apple

We bring in one week more strongly and in the same day and habitual hour. This will change in March for problems with the schedule for my part that it will lead us to recording another day and at another hour, due to my obligations out of the blogsfera.
Although we give and comment on news of Apple, the week has gone calmer than the previous ones as for Apple refers, and centers more on other aspects like the appearance of Google Buzz, which takes advantage shamelessly of the social networks and other places, insiders and outsiders to Google, to create a social network with many sight and many clients of entry, although in general, it seems to the people that he has not liked so much.
The really outstanding thing there is the consortium and operators to create a common front against Apple Store. It is seen that like each one separately they are unable to conquer the giant of the sales of music and applications for Internet: Apple. And it is for it therefore this news gives title to the present chapter.

In the negative part we have our dear Government of the nonsense, led by ZP, or, Zee Stopped, being Rodríguez and thinking that who is quiet grants. It is clear that the fault is of the Sinde, other one that such it dances and that when speech raises the bread of the quantity of vagueness that he says, trying to do of the culture a been taliban where it orders a private enterprise that receives public money and is not audited as it corresponds to explain to the citizenship and especially to his associates, where they spend what from the taxes of the citizens they receive. I would like knowing it...
And without much ado, I leave you with
00:00 Presentation.
03:55 Apple updates RAW and iLife.
08:07 Update of the Firmware of the keyboards of aluminum.
09:27 Magic Mouse to a month of his use.
12:47 Apple might sell series of TV for less than one dollar with the throwing of the iPad.
15:04 Magazines in App Store.
18:31 The iPad only costs 159 euros. To see the whole scale HERE. Apple might reduce the price of the iPad. And we chatter with the quality of Apple and many other topics.
28:56 Microsoft throws Office for Mac 2011.
30:31 it is said that Google pays to Apple for being the service of search of the iPhone.
33:06 Explorer Explores your iPhone with iPhone, Free you can unload it HERE.
35:05 iPhone YOU 3.1.3: problems of battery and synchronization. Therefore it is more an update "bogey" that real to avoid the Jailbreak, especially for the courage that they are since two Net users were meeting on the key again.
37:18 VLC Renickname 4.0.1: It controls the VLC of your Computer from the iPhone. Free version. Version of payment 2,39€.
39:38 Headset 1.0.36: It uses your iPhone as a few wireless earphones. 0,79€ in Apple Store.
41:07 Google Buzz to the hem signing up to the car of the social networks.
47:00 Google closes six blogs of musical discharges.
49:40 The big world operators are allied to fight against the shop of applications Apple.
52:47 Nexus One continues with problems of coverage 3G.
53:41 Nexus One: to the sale in Vodafone to almost the double of price than in the United States.
57:30 Culture believes that the Net users are demobilizing against the Law antipiracy. Solution so that they realize: It stops going to the movies, public payment spectacles, and buy neither any CD nor DVD during 3 ó 6 months. If we all do it, they will fall down in what it is a mobilization of the XXIst Century, and they will have to realize that the persons are not for this work and must change his model of business and his politics.
1:13:20 AM Farewell and Closing.
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