Thursday, March 18, 2010

XXXII. ALREADY Throw this PC Away but!

And before foreseen the experiment comes to his end with a clear winner: MAC. But to know what made to be praised to Dawn by Mac, you will have to hear the podcast. If you use Mac, it is possible that you know why, if you use PC, also, although your fear or your pocket do not allow you to give the jump. But in these battles, there is a winner, even if you use neither programs of graphic design nor video publishers. A normal user, of every day, also ends up by using Mac if it has seen as it works and it got tired of hangs, and things that do not work as they should, or that work and suddenly they stop working without it owing to a physical breakdown...
No system is perfect, but there are less villains, and in the daily use you will discover which is. You do not have to convince anybody with words, they will not believe you, only the facts are who better will support why you use Mac.
So far, well, then it is already to get in more and to come in the end to discover that not even Apple is such a brilliant company, not even Microsoft is so bad. Every company has his mistakes, if not, they would not be where they are.
I have always thought, although I should be a publicity, that the campaign "I am a Mac, and I PC..." that Apple has in his web, it goes precisely to what I have described in this article: Every day. And that only makes to refer to facts that happen daily, perhaps hence his success.
And now we leave you with the Script of the Chapter XXXII:
00:00 Presentation and introduction: It throws this PC away but: ALREADY!. Dawn is praised by the Mac.
10:27 The iPod Touch is the secret Apple weapon to win users of iPhone young people to win users of iPhone young people.
18:31 iTunes it incorporates the option “to See everything in advance
19:38 The iPhone is the number one of the market.
23:22 The iPhone: a mobile for babies?
26:43 A new patent of Apple shows a system to invalidate the guarantee on having manipulated the iPhone.
29:23 Apple strikes Nokia with one against demand for patents.
30:48 Rumor: Tablet de Apple will be an eReader and he will come in March or April.
33:48 Christmas: More applications for the iPhone and updates of the normal thing. Ping, Found, WhatsApp Messenger... Fashionable those of mailing of messages and social networks...
40:29 Gain access quickly to the files of your Mac from the iPhone with Here, File File!

41:19 iClassic it has gone out in Cydia on not having been approved by App Store. It is not understood why they renounce something like that.
44:59 Turbocharger For a three-quarter bed 1.0 iPa, takes up to 4 photos per second.
46:04 ProCamera: vitamins for your camera in the Iphone. A pity that although they announce that it records video, does not do it.
47:43 Stanza: ebook reader for iPhone.
50:13 Gorillacam, increases the photographic possibilities of the iPhone with this support and application.
53:47 Chrome beta for Mac is already here.
59:46 to Accept friends that you do not meet in Facebook is the first step so that they steal the identity from you. Social networks, personal profiles, of Blog, of podcast, professionals, etc...
1:10:04 AM Microsoft glides to throw versions of Bing and Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone. We speak if there is better an application that only tunes in to a courier service or to several.
1:20:26 AM Farewell and Closing.
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