Thursday, March 11, 2010

XLVI playing to the Poker Texas Holdem

No, it is not repeated. This chapter is an enlargement of the previous Chapter XLII the motivated one why many users mentioned to me that they remained with the desire of seeing more. In this second part of game of the Poker, in his form Texas Hold'em, we are going to show games and hands, as well as some of the strategies.
The world of the Poker, when there is no money of for way, is exciting, or at least it it seems to me, and much more entertaining than the Chess (other of my favorite games). It is not good that a ludópata tries this; it has his big dangers and they are because it is very easy to bet and to play with money in on-line casinos.
To me what I like is to play tournaments and to make it FREE
. Many players who have gained a tournament presencial organized for (EPT, Europaean Poker Tour and others), came there by means of the on-line tournaments that are organized in Internet.

Also they can gain access to these tournaments paying, if you can allow it to yourself. In fact, many people who works (of course, if his work allows it to itself), it registers and with the time, if they win, they become professionals...
The winners of a tournament like the EPT, which first award is about 1,5 million euros, dedicate a part to investing, and reserve the rest for future inscriptions. Many people, if it comes, live of this, but care, because, as in everything, very few are the elected ones.
00:00 Introduction.
00:30 Playing for Internet with Zynga across Facebook. How to enter, tables, tournaments, strategies.
08:47 Zynga Poker for the iPhone. Free Soft although there are methods of payment. It discharges free HERE.
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