Tuesday, March 16, 2010

XXXV Adium

In this Epiphany Magicians we hope that nobody should lose the illusion and be satisfied with his gifts. Since it could not be less, Applenosol gives you this Video Podcast.
With this one we close a stage of Video Podcast of the period of Christmastime that we have dedicated to courier service programs for Internet. We start for iChat last December 23; Skype, last December 30, and this one on January 6 dedicated to Adium and other programs of courier service...
With this I believe that revise all the possibilities that exist, or at least the most secondhand, of use courier service programs for Internet, be to my judgment the most finished Adium service, although him lack characteristic iChat natives (with which be almost compatibly, less in videoconferences and potency), and Skype, that be included as if that it be in similar programs for the iPhone, like Fring (be clearly that the programs for the iPhone do not include video, although if it confers).
Anyway, we hope that this Video Podcast you should be useful and invite you to the participation leaving your comments or ordering us your ideas and suggestions.
00:00 Introduction and Presentation.
02:46 A revision to other clients of Microsoft messengers: Mercury Messenger. Microsoft Messenger for Mac. aMSN Messenger.
08:07 Adium. Caracterísiticas and general functions.
26:07 Adium: Fitting the Preferences.
40:17 Farewell and Closing.
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