Saturday, March 13, 2010

XLI Apple iPad: Eat see and Cry!

We have met a few to mention That what has been this event of the Come see our latest creation, which here we call Cry Eats see and!, or, come to see and cry.
And the crying performs neither happiness nor happiness but certain disappointment before the appearance of the iPad, although we do not renounce completely the device if, if 800 euros remain you for the most expensive version and more logic as portable device. Although it does not substitute not for hint the Macbook and if it might substitute the iPhone, if you decide to have another phone and an iPhone Tocho without voice, but if with information.

And let's hope that the translation to Euros, should be similar and not "to the Apple".
But we are not going to move forward to you any more, better that you hear it:
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Sight that they have taken little in extracting a pleasantry and everything:
iPhone TOCHO

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