Tuesday, March 9, 2010

L Apple Stores. Shops Apple.

This week, and given the sense of expectancy that exists in Spain with more than sure future opening of Official Shops of Apple (that not resellers not even Premium), we have decided to treat the topic extensively. For it we have been provided with the explanations of Karl Egas, who nicely was telling us what is the opinion about someone who has four or five shops nearby Apple to visit.
This way, and first hand, we can have the opinion about the "experience" of visiting several of these facilities and what we can find in them. So that we have a quite approximate advance of what we will find when they open them in Spain.
Particularly, he was waiting for something more, and you will hear already in the Podcast why; unless for that one that "Spain is Different" the thing changes, although I do not believe, not for worse not for better, since in a shop of this guy who does not allow the change it is the proper company: Apple. That is after all who faces the type of physical business that he wants to have and he will know better than anybody how to act, between other things, to optimize costs.
Also also we treat other topics of white hot actuality, which during the recording gave place to an extensive dialogue of the same ones, which you can realize with a simple glance to the script given the interval of the times between topics. Let's hope that you should enjoy it.
00:00 Introduction.
01:12 new Apple Store Madrid would be in the Shopping center Xanadú.
02:43 We Speak on Apple Stores with Karl Egas who resides in Anaheim, close to Los Angeles (USA). Next, we discern on the topic.
42:08 Apple demands HTC although for the demand in itself it seems that it is more against Android. Copy of the demand clicking HERE. HTC receives the support of Google answering officially to the Apple demand.
46:44: iPad more demanded than the iPhone in his time?
1:04:49 AM Apple: "The problems of screen of the 27 inches iMac are already solved".
1:07:54 AM Thief Buster burglar alarm. To buy clicking HERE for 0,79€.
1:12:00 AM ScreenRecorder, records everything what happens on the screen of your iPhone with JailBreak.

1:15:06 AM Foursquare. Application for the Free iPhone that connects with Twitter and Facebook and that podeís to see on her clicking HERE.
1:19:55 AM Web of Drawings, the last invention in business for Internet that has been extracted of forums to do money.
1:25:23 AM Tuenti is updated and releases new aspect.
1:29:07 AM Pensionazo of Teddy Bautista: 24.500 life euros a month.
1:35:46 AM Obama marks the Spanish waybill to fight against the piracy. And what has given to us so that a Sovereign Country him pays attention? There are not even the first ones in the world in recovering employment.
1:40:54 AM Farewell, thanks and closing.
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