Friday, March 12, 2010

XLIII Apple ties it up brown

It goes semanita of iPad that we take, it is "odd number stop iPad". It goes out even in the soup... Undoubtedly it is a device that you liking more or less, enters direct competition with others of the market, such as games Consoles, breeding animals of musician, readership of electronic book, navigating, etc etc etc.
Logician, for an almost 10 inches size, and a memory of up to 64 Gb, with an operating system as YOU, and being provided with the thousands of applications that exist already for the iPhone and the iPod Touch with the one who is completely compatible, it cannot any more that to turn out to be a possible future success. So much it is like that, that many soft houses are already announcing that they prepare versions of his programs adapted to the real size of the device (and without turning pixels), and the houses that do incidental (cases, baggage of transport, supports, cables) they already announce that they will have available models for the iPod.
The final client will be who strengthens or not the product.
The iPad, is born with his virtues and his inherited lacks, particularly he reminds me to me very much to the exit of Macbook Air, that it was provided with a big operating system, he promised to be as portable the most light and dry sherry of the world, and, in spite of his lacks, it raised a big fuss. Today, year and a half later, scarcely if one speaks about him, and the fact is that his scarce processor, limited memory and disc, and the absence of some connections, perhaps joined the evolution of Macbook Pro, has done that it is an almost forgotten, safe product when we remember that it has not been a round success and not even Apple speaks about him, if only it is does not know.
Well, in this case, entire fuss of the iPad, all the means speaking about him, the whole world with his eyes put in him, igualito than with Air... When it is in the street and begins his real test, one will see.
It looks like to us an interesting product, although he was disappointing us, perhaps triumph or perhaps not, but while I did not take a few months to the sale, it will not be known with accuracy where from it will be able to come.
Although not only we speak of iPad, there are many other topics, and quite interesting, the truth, but if you want to know them, you have to give to him to
They intervene: Elizabeth, Aurora Lagóstena and Luis Bermejo.
00:00 Introduction.
02:36 Apple finishes with the restrictions VoIP route 3G and makes début in the application iCall and Fring follows him.
06:48 They Say that Steve Jobs commented: The Flash has too many bugs and calls 'vagrants' to Adobe and says that flash is 'defective'.
10:30 Apple recognizes more problems on the screen of the 27 inches iMac.
13:38 Apple prepares a new iPhone that is going to Go on to the phone of Google and what it has planned.
22:00 Magic Mouse reduces the load of the keyboard of Apple... Curious news that is for the whole Internet that, it does not happen to Elizabeth, although anything rarer happens to him, after a few weeks of use his keyboard gives 100 % of battery... We think a little about the use of Magic Mouse after a few weeks...
30:11 Apple inaugurates channel in Youtube.
31:49 Week of news and more news on the iPad: News, Accessories, plans of exit, rumors, business of the year, jailbreak, etc.
1:00:57 AM Lot Power Pack for iPhone of USBFever.
1:04:43 AM Spanish Books in your iPhone.
1:09:14 AM Tomokewh. Version completes HERE. Free version HERE.
1:11:51 AM Google Mail uploader for Mac.
1:13:14 AM Itsy, the client of smaller Twitter of the world.
1:14:57 AM his digital reader will throw Delta Electronics in June
1:16:21 AM Publicity in Google Street View in the billboards
1:18:25 AM Free Software Foundation against Apple for the DRM of the iPad.
1:20:07 AM The SGAE is a monopoly, says the National Commission of Competition. We do echo of the news to ourselves and comment on what about the management societies the people usually say in Internet. There are opinions that we have condensed in comments, without enumerating them but doing echo of them to us. We all have to eat, but not if there is a tax that reverberates in the artist, and not in a society not declared without fortitude of lucre and that does not audit his accounts. The artist, he keeps on dying of famine if it does not sound, if they copy him, and if it does not do concerts.
1:36:40 AM Farewell and Closing.
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