Friday, March 19, 2010

Capt XXXI. The myth of the maquero. Caprice or need.

In spite of the bridge and of that on the 8th it is a local holiday in Malaga, 7 there was penetrated of Sunday the celebration of the Day of the Constitution of December 6, 1978, last Spaniard and at present legitimate, although injured, we have done an effort and have recorded a long Chapter XXXI, in compensation to the short thing that became the previous one.
And there is no better way of it celebrating that giving our opinion, before the offense that has suffered our dear Constitution, with the maneuver of the Government, on having presented the Draft of Law of sustainable Economy, which commits an outrage, between others, against articles of the same one and against the restriction of the freedoms, making to think to anyone, if really we are in a democratic country or are really confused and this is China.
But we are not going to speak only about politics, for those are the analysts, simply it is to support the called movement #manifiesto, that has spread for twitter and facebook between other networks, and that we hope that he should not be, like many others so many things, forget, since the memory, especially of the Spanish, is fleeting, safely when it is a question of presenting a subsidy or of extracting slice of dammages of already forgotten episodes, or that at least this way must of being. And the fact is that before things how are you, it seems that we forget which it is the topic of fund on which the attention of the citizen wants to relax: THE UNEMPLOYMENT.
We will speak also about Apple, we bring one topic and a half of reflection, and many innovations before that there approaches a Campaign of Christmas of that many hope to extract slice, but not with so many happiness like other years. Even a well-known Wine-cellar mark (enough normalito pulling for villain) allows my palate to himself the luxury of repeating the announcement of last year, since they say, the crisis affects them. Since they do more modest announcements, which it is what they all are doing. But skylight, what more it costs of this champaign, there were the announcements muchimillonarios, because what is the champaign, in spite of being a bargain sale, for his quality, you were paying the announcement. As this year they repeat, I hope also they lower the price, being this one more according to his real quality. But skylight, this is what it spends with the marks, not only you pay the content, but also the continent and of step the advertizing campaign...
Uy, I see wonderingly that the preface of this Chapter has not remained very technological that we say, anyway, we are human, and it is possible that it influences the events to us, apart from the advanced hour at dawn to which I am writing this.
And so, I do not spread any more and leave you with the Script:
00:00 Introduction and Presentation.
01:32 I Show: "In defense of the fundamental rights in Internet”, we declare ourselves before the Draft of Law of sustainable Economy. The manifesto can be read, between other thousands of places, HERE.
18:55 Apple Actualiza of a "silent" way Mac Pro and the Xserve.
20:25 Magic Mouse has problems with Blue Tooth in Mac Pro.
21:41 Apple has a Trojan horse: The iPhone.
24:11 The economic analysts predict a very good year 2010 for Apple. We touch also the topic of defective products.
31:13 Apple takes denunciations as patents again.
35:16 Rumor: Apple seems to be that he thinks to commercialize his sale system in physical shops.
37:14 Rumor: Will we see Macbook Pro with i5 and i7 in January?
39:24 Rumor: The price of the tabletmac might be incredibly low.
42:10 Topic of Reflection: The myth of the maquero. Mac: need or caprice?
56:56 Announcements iPhone for the Christmas campaign.

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