Saturday, March 20, 2010

Capt XXVIII. Apple, Android, iPhone, Wave, ChromeOs and much more.

The truth is that the summer is leaving us, if, but very little to little in the south, even it is not cold, only "fresh" in the nights, thing for that one is grateful to conciliate better the sleep, and already of step, to noon, with 27 maxim grades, at least we neither sweat so much nor spend cold, in the sun, even heat does. What if we lack is some rain that refreshes something more, that we meet at the end of November and we still go to the beach. But skylight, bearing in mind the days of the sun a year that Malaga enjoys, more than 300, with 19ÂșC annual average temperature, does not also wonder to see the people in the beach almost the whole year.
But in Applenosol, we do not fall asleep, there does not matter to us the heat, the cold and the bad weather, because we do not have bad times not for the poetry, and come this week full from topics and with rehooked guest, the most critical, ironic and entertaining guest, really, turns Celso, finally...
Of course also the Switcher comes that more work is giving to me, not only because I have to teach him and teach him, although every time he needs less and disregards more of my indications, but because every day of topics fills me the mail and he does not even allow me to rest. Do not you want broth? Since it takes two cups!
Anyway, that already left you with the script of the podcast: Enjoy it!
00:00 Introduction and Presentation. Today in addition to Dawn, Celso returns.
02:33 Switchers, the Switching of Dawn, of the theory to the practice.
07:25 Google Wave.
10:30 Apple wins finally Psystar.
17:44 Apple begins sending the iMac quad-core. And again the price war...
30:25 Apple says good-bye to Tiger and stops giving him support to the operating system.
38:20 Demonstrated: Magic Mouse is a mouse much more capable than Apple wants.
47:11 Apple, the more profitable seller of phones in USA.
Telephone companies
51:48 Orange, in spite of the small letter, sells close to 30.000 iPhones the first day. Motorola Droid sells 100.000 units in USA and Apple wins more than his rivals. That thing about the war of the companies every time gives more shame. I am contentĂ­simo with PepePhone, it keeps on being the cheapest, gives more service and moves card rapidly.
55:33 Worrying Slogans. Do they take us as ignoramuses?
1:02:07 AM Sparkz extracts an interesting picoproyector, a pity that his price is very high.

Applications iPhone
1:05:47 AM Tomtom is going to update imminently his navigator for the iPhone. Important innovations.
1:14:44 AM Wifitouchpad. It turns your iPhone into a mouse wifi for your computer.
1:16:46 AM LG Chocolate BL40.
1:22:13 AM Invasion Android
1:27:56 AM Bad times for Windows Mobile.
1:31:27 AM Techcrunch says q ChromeOs BETA in 1 week. The operating system comes already in Internet.
Google grows and grows...
1:37:19 AM Mail users. And due to the mail, comments are generated in ironic - festive tone and we throw a few laughs.
1:49:18 AM Farewell and Closing.
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