Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In Applenosol of a form or we do not rest other one, if there is not podcast, there another Video Podcast goes. And this time has touched him the shift to Skype.
The whole world has heard one day on Skype. But of one or another form, it has not extracted the whole party that can, well why in his environment nobody uses it, or because it does not know it in depth.
Of a way or other one, we show you the program, his options and his potency, also, most of his options are free and those who it are not, they turn out to be very cheap. And the best thing of everything, it is a multiplatform. Namely be already a user of OS/X, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, Mobile (the majority supported), there is a Skype version for you.
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00:00 Introduction and presentation.
01:51 Skype. What is? Characteristics. Information in the web clicking HERE. Or seeing the Video Podcast...
19:33 Skype OS/X. Preferences, functions and handling.
36:43 Skype version iPhone.
39:55 Conclusions and farewell.
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