Sunday, March 14, 2010

XXXVII AeroWeather

With this one we begin a series of Video Podcast of short duration, never again of 10 minutes, which will accompany every week to the Podcast, although they will not go out the same day there is not even fixed day so that it goes out. It can be any day of the week and not every week, although it is claimed that it is every week. With it we will complete a series of chapters in the one that an image costs more than thousand words and that a Podcast cannot explain to themselves easily in.
That of today Pascal Dreer is dedicated to the application for the iPhone AeroWeather of the signature.
This "App", which was of the first ones that I installed, is completely free and it is updated occasionally.
Although in the graphic aspect it is not spectacular at all, it shows us neither images of clouds, nor maps of the time nor radar, if it it is as for precise and beautiful information not only of the time but of the forecast for the day and the daily evolution of every weather report. Neither it gets into predictions for the following days.
Therefore, it is possible to have perfectly, well like complement to other applications on the time, or like enlargement to the Native Application of the iPhone, Time that also we check in this Video Podcast.
Now we leave you with the Script and hope that you should enjoy the Video Podcast.
00:00 Introduction.
01:04 native Application of the iPhone: Time.
02:48 AeroWeather. To discharge clicking here. Visionado and configuration.
07:43 Farewell.
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