Thursday, March 11, 2010

XLV google Counter-attacks

Although last week was full of rumors regarding the iPad and Apple, this week the thing is more calmed.
And no, we are not going to devote ourselves only to Google, there is many news of Apple, especially rumors and projects that are not known if they are or not real or a simple imagination or filtration, as it always happens.
The big news about the week was perhaps the beginning of the hiring of personnel for Spain. Very well, in fact, only they are asking for résumé for two localities, Madrid and Barcelona, therefore, of course, there will be two cities where first a physical Apple Store is opened in Spain, discarding at the moment Valencia or others.
Apart from the habitual sections, there is a pair of news on Google that they worry and inspire the title started to this Chapter XLV and it is that the reaction has not been late in happening. If last week it seemed that Apple was criticizing to Adobe and to the phone of Google, now Google allows to leak the news about that a Tablet wants with the operating system Chromium (made for google) and that is thrown to the world of the social networks (still for confirming already confirmed in Google Buzz).
Also, Google Team Apps, it ordered a mail to all his users, announcing a general update of his applications, and urging to update the navigators (especially to the stragglers of the Internet Explorer 6.0) that they still did not update, in order to that the users do not take surprises and everything keeps on working... It is clear that something moves in Google...
00:00 Introduction.
01:39 Apple glides iMac with tactile screen. Although Apple does not have them, Dawn says to us that if that "tunean" so that they should be tactile... You can see it HERE.
4:48: Is Apple being employed at another Tablet?
6:28 They Continue the problems with the iMac of 27 ' '. When will they solve it? To see when the batteries put themselves because it already drives to despair and the suspicion increases.
14:42 The actions of Apple go down with the iPad.
16:58 Apple initiates the hiring to open shops in Madrid and Barcelona.
20:55 Update of the Software of the iPhone to 3.1.3.
27:52 An iPad in your iPod.
30:16 HDRCam 1.0.1: it realizes photos HDR from your iPhone. 1,59 € in Apple Store.
31:05 Interjection on the Chapter XLIV.
35:05 ePrint: Impression from iPhone or iPod Touch impression from iPhone or iPod Touch. Free version. Version of Payment (2,39€).
36:33 Apple updates Apture to the version 3. Version of 64Bits. 200 innovations.
38:56 What's Keeping Me? we are discovered in Mac what application a file is using. To discharge HERE.
39:58 iTunes it is updated to the version 9.0.3. Some visible progress and others not so much...
41:47 O2 and Orange is already buying cards Micro-SIM.
43:07: Who more apart from Movistar will sell the iPhone next summer? They all sign up to the car.
49:36 VLC 1.1 will add support for extensions. We hope that they should not load the weight of the program and I happened as to Movist, which weighs more.
51:34 The users of the Kindle consider it to be expensive and show dissatisfaction.
52:49 Chromium for Tablets.

54:48 Jazztel, Orange, Vodafone, Tele2 and forced to improve the increase speed. Ono duplicates the increase speed in the 12 gentle ones and reduces the price to 34,90 euros. It starts the speed duplication of increase of the ADSL of Vodafone.
1:01:59 AM Mail of Google Apps Team
1:04:11 AM Google wants to plant facing Twitter and Facebook. Google, the Empire, counter-attacks.
1:10:02 AM Farewell and closing.
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