Saturday, March 13, 2010

XL before to the event He Eats see our latest creation

In less than 24 hours, January 27, 2010 at 7 p.m. (schedule of Spain), one of the most awaited presentations will take place of Apple. The called event "Eats see our latest creation". At least three innovations are waited in this event, the Tablet or iSlate of Apple, the presentation of the system 4.0 of the iPhone and perhaps a new version of the bundle iLife, which would be a 2010.
We already will see what happens, in less than 24 hours we will know it and all the Apple followers will remain satisfied or disappointed, it would not be the first time in any of two senses, and although any Apple presentations have disappointed, a new event always generates big sense of expectancy together with bytes rivers in Internet.
We will not forget our habitual sections of the iPhone, applications, and other technologies either. But you prop, we mention that future events of the podcast for that we should wait should not interfere in his frequency and increasing interest.
And now without much ado we leave you with the script:
00:00 Introduction and Presentation.
5:55: For what does the Keynote wait to us in of January 27?. All the rumors on Tablet de Apple. Will it be true that Steve Jobs has said: "It will be the most important thing that I have never done”?
9:34 Apple sells 99,4 % of the mobile applications. If the tablet has incorporated the App Store, and the operating system is that of the iPhone YOU... Will it come to 99,9 %? We discuss the present and future of the tablet.
18:38 official Shops Apple in Spain: Valencia, not so quickly … Reasons.
26:06 Mobile Me, like obtaining a profitable price of 49,99 € instead of the 79 for that Apple asks us.
31:48 Summary of the rumors of the iPhone 4G.
33:39 the First information about the iPhone YOU 4.0.
35:56 New page to prove applications for the iPhone รณ iPod Touch with JailBreak.
39:13 The iPhone is in charge in the use of mobile Internet. Study realized by Morgan Standley.
40:38 iSnapMe, Accessory one himself does photos to himself for 19,95$. Dawn gives us a trick that does this unnecessary accessory...
42:07 Dualink, a cable USB to load 2 devices.
Applications iPhone.
46:01 already available Tuenti in the AppStore puncturing HERE.
47:01 Awesome Note (+ Quite) 2.8. In App Store for 2,99€ HERE.
48:29 Nexus Two: Is Google thinking already about the substitute of Nexus One?
50:45 New functionalities in Google Wave: only reading and to restore.
52:36 News on the podcast Future events.
58:11 Farewell and closing.
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