Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chapter XXVII. Evolution of a Switcher. Analysis Tomtom Car Kit and much more.

Small on Tuesday we have had, between the small dancer of Apple Store, and the caught one of the Google Street and the preparation of the Podcast, have not stopped.
We continue with the evolution of a Switcher that it is still not, but it is having the privilege of seeing before buying, making use of the famous slogan: "I looked, compared, and if it finds something better: Buy it!". The time will make us see what happens in the end. But a thing if that seems clear, it is going to be difficult that he wants another phone that is not an iPhone...
We bring also juicy news about the Environment of Apple, which is of celebration this week, not only Steve Jobs has been named by Fortune CEO of the decade, but his mobile phone, it has been named also like product of the decade, by what he has supposed of revolution in the world of the mobile telephony opposite to the big public.
Also we are going to analyze the Tomtom Car Kit in what it has been the first capture of contact, if we discover more things with the use, we already will tell it to you, in general 8 put him of note, since it might be improved and/or there are things that we wanted that it could be done, as it is that it takes the energy of the iPhone to work, when it is not connected to the power supply (lighter of the car or adapter).
Since it could not be less, to the being the iPhone a majority product and extensively coveted, the first "worm" has appeared and hack for the same one, from which we can protect ourselves very easily, but this naughty character becomes true to get where they do not call you a few times with intentions of sarcasm or laugh and others more maliciously and with very bad grape.
We will not leave aside the applications section and although we are not friends of the rumorología, we include a pair of rumors, for seeing that it happens...
It already does not do so much heat and begins refreshing in the night, but here, in the south, in the daytime, we continue in the breach to the full sun enjoying his calorcito for almost the whole year for proper enjoyment and you envy foreign, let's hope that you recover, not to make the saying true of "he thinks badly and you will be right", in Applenosol.com
And now, after the jump, we leave the script to you:
00:00 Introduction and Presentation
01:10 Google Street View for many Spanish cities. Like using it in the iPhone.
05:05 The Switching of Dawn. It tells us his progresses with the iPhone, already overcome and managing well, and his first OS/X impressions: Office, Bar of Menu, Dock, Finder, Spotlight, etc.
World Apple.
15:24 Steve Jobs nominated CEO of the Decade by the magazine Fortune.
20:48 Update of Snow Leopard to 10.6.2. For the first time, from Snow Leopard, Garage Band has not had a mental block in the edition.
26:26 Apple might offer television across iTunes.
28:57 Apple announces a job. It is of "iPhone YOU Security Platform Manager", for what one sees that Apple wants to finish with the Jailbreak.
31:57 Apple Stores with reservation option for Christmases.
33:02 Apple renews his shops.
35:37 Firefox 64Bits, the First Alpha.
37:36 Twitter is already in Spanish.
38:39 Analysis of Tomtom Car Kit.
52:06 The renowned iPhone product of the decade.
54:06 The small letter of Orange UK with the iPhone.
57:08 Problems of synchronization of the iPhone with Windows 7 solved ones.
58:45 Hack and (good) Worm in the iPhone with JailBreak. One of the forms of solving it is to continue the instructions given HERE.
Applications iPhone.
1:02:02 AM Cry Translator. He translates the crying of the Baby for the parents and gives an advice on how acting in every moment (raw parents). To buy HERE.
1:05:05 AM Navigon updates his navigator 1.3.0.
1:06:17 AM PhotoChop 1.0. It creates entertaining photos assemblies with your iPhone.
1:07:26 AM Application Google Wave for iPhone: Waveboard. Also there is a version for YOU X.
1:09:50 AM Possible iPhone 3GS 8Gb.
1:11:43 AM Rumors on the iPhone 4G. With technology RFID? If it was like that the user would control his on-line phone but it is a double-edged weapon: And if Apple, which he likes controlling so much the iPhone, controls your iPhone and "it spies on you"?
1:16:03 AM Farewell and Closing.
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Capt XXVIII. Apple, Android, iPhone, Wave, ChromeOs and much more.

The truth is that the summer is leaving us, if, but very little to little in the south, even it is not cold, only "fresh" in the nights, thing for that one is grateful to conciliate better the sleep, and already of step, to noon, with 27 maxim grades, at least we neither sweat so much nor spend cold, in the sun, even heat does. What if we lack is some rain that refreshes something more, that we meet at the end of November and we still go to the beach. But skylight, bearing in mind the days of the sun a year that Malaga enjoys, more than 300, with 19ºC annual average temperature, does not also wonder to see the people in the beach almost the whole year.
But in Applenosol, we do not fall asleep, there does not matter to us the heat, the cold and the bad weather, because we do not have bad times not for the poetry, and come this week full from topics and with rehooked guest, the most critical, ironic and entertaining guest, really, turns Celso, finally...
Of course also the Switcher comes that more work is giving to me, not only because I have to teach him and teach him, although every time he needs less and disregards more of my indications, but because every day of topics fills me the mail and he does not even allow me to rest. Do not you want broth? Since it takes two cups!
Anyway, that already left you with the script of the podcast: Enjoy it!
00:00 Introduction and Presentation. Today in addition to Dawn, Celso returns.
02:33 Switchers, the Switching of Dawn, of the theory to the practice.
07:25 Google Wave.
10:30 Apple wins finally Psystar.
17:44 Apple begins sending the iMac quad-core. And again the price war...
30:25 Apple says good-bye to Tiger and stops giving him support to the operating system.
38:20 Demonstrated: Magic Mouse is a mouse much more capable than Apple wants.
47:11 Apple, the more profitable seller of phones in USA.
Telephone companies
51:48 Orange, in spite of the small letter, sells close to 30.000 iPhones the first day. Motorola Droid sells 100.000 units in USA and Apple wins more than his rivals. That thing about the war of the companies every time gives more shame. I am contentísimo with PepePhone, it keeps on being the cheapest, gives more service and moves card rapidly.
55:33 Worrying Slogans. Do they take us as ignoramuses?
1:02:07 AM Sparkz extracts an interesting picoproyector, a pity that his price is very high.

Applications iPhone
1:05:47 AM Tomtom is going to update imminently his navigator for the iPhone. Important innovations.
1:14:44 AM Wifitouchpad. It turns your iPhone into a mouse wifi for your computer.
1:16:46 AM LG Chocolate BL40.
1:22:13 AM Invasion Android
1:27:56 AM Bad times for Windows Mobile.
1:31:27 AM Techcrunch says q ChromeOs BETA in 1 week. The operating system comes already in Internet.
Google grows and grows...
1:37:19 AM Mail users. And due to the mail, comments are generated in ironic - festive tone and we throw a few laughs.
1:49:18 AM Farewell and Closing.
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XXIX mistakes in new iMac, Black Friday, Guarantee, iPhone and PepePhone.

In November coming to his end, next my birthday and for me, this is the date of game of the Campaign of Christmas, in USA, officially 27N, for me, two days later.
The whole world prepares himself and plans the holidays in advance, this year, with the crisis, it is necessary to buy from earlier for distributing the expenses and without accumulating for the last moment. It smells already to Christmas.
Meanwhile, we hope that Apple should solve the problems with the new iMacs as soon as possible, because if there are the people who returns the iMac for a dead pixel, and a bad functioning of the remote, we imagine that if it comes with blows, damaged or simply, it does not light, it is that something is failing in Apple. The quality to which it has used his clients, already is not so much, or it it neither seems to be, between other things, because his clients, on having paid out dinerito in anything that is supposed, it is of supreme quality, they demand this quality and are not going to excuse nor comes up. But the fact is that you prop, these clients are the noisiest, since, on having been less, they have to make notice. And no, it is not a destructive criticism, it is simply a warning to Apple precisely because it cannot fail in any of his points on which it bases his prestige, so, they take care meticulósamente of his final quality controls of his products. It is not possible to tolerate to presume of anything that then is not fulfilled: ok?
Come, and now already the script of the podcast:
00:00 Introduction and Presentation.
01:20 Switchers. More convinced, impossible. Many applications for the iPhone. Little Mac, but well.
05:10 serious Mistakes in the mailing of new iMac.
08:34 renowned Macbok Pro of the best products of innovation of 2009 for Popular Science.
11:22 27-N it is Black Friday of Apple.
13:39 Exhausted the iMac stock i5 é i7...
18:05 Guarantee Apple. In what place of the guarantee does he say that she should remain annulled by the effect of the tobacco?
Applications iPhone.
25:05 For a three-quarter bed XL Megapixel Doubler. It doubles the resolution of your photos. 0,79 € the payment version and there is free other one.
27:13 The wheel returns with iClassic.
28:41 he Stops smoking using the iPhone.
30:26 Irpm 1.1. It lights your computer with your iPhone from any part of the world.
31:40 iPhone it controls an electrical wheelchair.
33:43 Trick: Like putting the part iPod of your iPhone in rest.
34:49 Night Recorder, 2,39 €. Tape recorder over X DB that for when there is no sound, ideal to record disorders of the sleep.
39:17 Visual Dock for the iPhone.
40:40 200w AM / FM for iPhone Docking Station.
Other devices
42:12 Palm throws the towel. The Pre leaves aside the war with Apple and happens of synchronizing with iTunes. Does it happen or has not been capable of jumping the protection?
43:54 Nokia begins distributing the N900.
47:08 It Tries the scales WiFi Withings. Here already, without buying it, we see snags to him.
54:14 Pepephone.com. In general, we like. Many things in favor, only one in against.
Farewell and Closing.
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Download Greek S03E18 Camp Buy Me Love online

Friday, March 19, 2010

Capt XXX Black Tuesday.

If last Friday was Black Friday today it has been Black Tuesday, but neither not of reductions, nor of stock-exchange crack of 29, but of nonsenses.
And the fact is that it has been an entire Black Tuesday. The script was not very attractive, but it was possible to extract juice. The problem came in a series of nonsenses that were happening during the recording and that to point was of ruining the same one and leaving this week without the Chapter or that this one had been late or replaced.
First, the habitual Dawn mike was not working, there looked for him one that was not going badly and to a few minutes, stopped being heard. One looked of emergency for another mike, but it was heard awfully... But far from retiring, we insist on the commitment, "it is recorded as it is". And we keep on recording, by phone...
Perhaps the sound is not the ideal, but less it is not at all. Some it is possible that they say that for that better that nothing should be done, well, if professionals want that they put the TV or the radio, I hope they find a program that is not of chatter to hear. Other many, we know it, they will think that better so not at all, and that's why we go forward, you prop, neither it is so badly, I have heard podcast worse recorded and of very high hearing. In order account, what they count there are the contents, that in the end, they have not turned out to be so bad, scarce to me if, but not villains.
And now I leave you with the Script, linkage and videos; and as not, with the podcast.
00:00 Introduction and Presentation
01:59 Almost half of the money spent in the USA in dessert computers is for Apple.
06:40 Mistakes Screen iMac 27 ". Forum of Apple where to resolve you doubt HERE.
13:00 Errors in the translation to Spanish of Snow Leopard.
14:43 Trick: To erase a Mail and that the following one does not show.
16:12 It Uses the Magic Mouse in a PC.
It discharges driver for windows of 32 bits HERE.
It discharges driver for windows of 64 bits HERE.
19:24 iLingual: He says a phrase that you choose between 400 in the language that you wish, the sorrow is that it is only, at the moment, for French, German, and less phrases, in Arab. Free HERE.

21:06 Nimbuz. Application that will allow you to be on the day of your social networks.
22:42 Fring: Fring is updated for iPhone. Free, now with videoconference.
24:22 Phil Schiller. It defends the process of approval of applications in App Store.
27:05: Is Yoigo going to sell the iPhone? Will not it be like his trick of calls to 6 cents but with a minimal consumption for 25 monthly euros? For that it is not necessary to run, you buy it freely in Italy and discharge yourself in pepephone with the cheapest tariff and with the biggest service between the operators OMV.
30:32 Like using Google Wave.

31:24 Worrying Slogan: Because we are like you and YOU and You... and we are HTC.
36:02 Farewell and Closing.
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Capt XXXI. The myth of the maquero. Caprice or need.

In spite of the bridge and of that on the 8th it is a local holiday in Malaga, 7 there was penetrated of Sunday the celebration of the Day of the Constitution of December 6, 1978, last Spaniard and at present legitimate, although injured, we have done an effort and have recorded a long Chapter XXXI, in compensation to the short thing that became the previous one.
And there is no better way of it celebrating that giving our opinion, before the offense that has suffered our dear Constitution, with the maneuver of the Government, on having presented the Draft of Law of sustainable Economy, which commits an outrage, between others, against articles of the same one and against the restriction of the freedoms, making to think to anyone, if really we are in a democratic country or are really confused and this is China.
But we are not going to speak only about politics, for those are the analysts, simply it is to support the called movement #manifiesto, that has spread for twitter and facebook between other networks, and that we hope that he should not be, like many others so many things, forget, since the memory, especially of the Spanish, is fleeting, safely when it is a question of presenting a subsidy or of extracting slice of dammages of already forgotten episodes, or that at least this way must of being. And the fact is that before things how are you, it seems that we forget which it is the topic of fund on which the attention of the citizen wants to relax: THE UNEMPLOYMENT.
We will speak also about Apple, we bring one topic and a half of reflection, and many innovations before that there approaches a Campaign of Christmas of that many hope to extract slice, but not with so many happiness like other years. Even a well-known Wine-cellar mark (enough normalito pulling for villain) allows my palate to himself the luxury of repeating the announcement of last year, since they say, the crisis affects them. Since they do more modest announcements, which it is what they all are doing. But skylight, what more it costs of this champaign, there were the announcements muchimillonarios, because what is the champaign, in spite of being a bargain sale, for his quality, you were paying the announcement. As this year they repeat, I hope also they lower the price, being this one more according to his real quality. But skylight, this is what it spends with the marks, not only you pay the content, but also the continent and of step the advertizing campaign...
Uy, I see wonderingly that the preface of this Chapter has not remained very technological that we say, anyway, we are human, and it is possible that it influences the events to us, apart from the advanced hour at dawn to which I am writing this.
And so, I do not spread any more and leave you with the Script:
00:00 Introduction and Presentation.
01:32 I Show: "In defense of the fundamental rights in Internet”, we declare ourselves before the Draft of Law of sustainable Economy. The manifesto can be read, between other thousands of places, HERE.
18:55 Apple Actualiza of a "silent" way Mac Pro and the Xserve.
20:25 Magic Mouse has problems with Blue Tooth in Mac Pro.
21:41 Apple has a Trojan horse: The iPhone.
24:11 The economic analysts predict a very good year 2010 for Apple. We touch also the topic of defective products.
31:13 Apple takes denunciations as patents again.
35:16 Rumor: Apple seems to be that he thinks to commercialize his sale system in physical shops.
37:14 Rumor: Will we see Macbook Pro with i5 and i7 in January?
39:24 Rumor: The price of the tabletmac might be incredibly low.
42:10 Topic of Reflection: The myth of the maquero. Mac: need or caprice?
56:56 Announcements iPhone for the Christmas campaign.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

XXXII. ALREADY Throw this PC Away but!

And before foreseen the experiment comes to his end with a clear winner: MAC. But to know what made to be praised to Dawn by Mac, you will have to hear the podcast. If you use Mac, it is possible that you know why, if you use PC, also, although your fear or your pocket do not allow you to give the jump. But in these battles, there is a winner, even if you use neither programs of graphic design nor video publishers. A normal user, of every day, also ends up by using Mac if it has seen as it works and it got tired of hangs, and things that do not work as they should, or that work and suddenly they stop working without it owing to a physical breakdown...
No system is perfect, but there are less villains, and in the daily use you will discover which is. You do not have to convince anybody with words, they will not believe you, only the facts are who better will support why you use Mac.
So far, well, then it is already to get in more and to come in the end to discover that not even Apple is such a brilliant company, not even Microsoft is so bad. Every company has his mistakes, if not, they would not be where they are.
I have always thought, although I should be a publicity, that the campaign "I am a Mac, and I PC..." that Apple has in his web, it goes precisely to what I have described in this article: Every day. And that only makes to refer to facts that happen daily, perhaps hence his success.
And now we leave you with the Script of the Chapter XXXII:
00:00 Presentation and introduction: It throws this PC away but: ALREADY!. Dawn is praised by the Mac.
10:27 The iPod Touch is the secret Apple weapon to win users of iPhone young people to win users of iPhone young people.
18:31 iTunes it incorporates the option “to See everything in advance
19:38 The iPhone is the number one of the market.
23:22 The iPhone: a mobile for babies?
26:43 A new patent of Apple shows a system to invalidate the guarantee on having manipulated the iPhone.
29:23 Apple strikes Nokia with one against demand for patents.
30:48 Rumor: Tablet de Apple will be an eReader and he will come in March or April.
33:48 Christmas: More applications for the iPhone and updates of the normal thing. Ping, Found, WhatsApp Messenger... Fashionable those of mailing of messages and social networks...
40:29 Gain access quickly to the files of your Mac from the iPhone with Here, File File!

41:19 iClassic it has gone out in Cydia on not having been approved by App Store. It is not understood why they renounce something like that.
44:59 Turbocharger For a three-quarter bed 1.0 iPa, takes up to 4 photos per second.
46:04 ProCamera: vitamins for your camera in the Iphone. A pity that although they announce that it records video, does not do it.
47:43 Stanza: ebook reader for iPhone.
50:13 Gorillacam, increases the photographic possibilities of the iPhone with this support and application.
53:47 Chrome beta for Mac is already here.
59:46 to Accept friends that you do not meet in Facebook is the first step so that they steal the identity from you. Social networks, personal profiles, of Blog, of podcast, professionals, etc...
1:10:04 AM Microsoft glides to throw versions of Bing and Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone. We speak if there is better an application that only tunes in to a courier service or to several.
1:20:26 AM Farewell and Closing.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The XXXIII.th. iChat.

From Applenosol we wish all one Happy Christmas 2009 and a Prosperous year 2010.
This week there is not podcast due to the tight agenda of these dates, which does that the available time is slightly minor. But in reward, here I leave a Video Podcast to you. If, perhaps it does not go out the awaited day, but as for the Videocast the one that has to be organized it is me who is with me, I have recorded and edited it at times (the available ones).
I hope that it should be of your taste and especially usefully, especially for those that they have never used iChat or for the one who does not know it in depth. And so, I leave you with the Chapter XXXIII, after the jump...
00:00 Introduction.
00:47 Presentation.
01:52 iChat it does not need that you pay Mobile me.
06:47 iChat Preferences. I revise to all the preferences of iChat and account configuration.
18:30 Options of Menu in iChat.
27:23 iChat Ways: Text, Audio, Video Confers and to Share Screen.
32:02 Farewell and Closing.
To see the Video Podcast:

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